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A little information on wasn't actually born in Woodward.

After living in Denver and Tucson Arizona for many years, I started to look back to Woodward, Oklahoma the area in which I was born and raised.  It was important for me to buy some acreage and step back into a simpler, less stressful life that sometimes large cities can bring.  In the process I began to search for information online about Woodward. Still living in Denver, it was hard to find one comprehensive website that put it all together.  There are great news sites, tourism sites, real estate sites, but I couldn't find just one that included everything.  So was created over a period of two months, begining in September of 2008.  After many late nights, hours of researching, creating, and getting the proper releases, went online November 10, 2008. 

In March of this year it became time  for me to make the move back to Woodward.  My little farmhouse was badly in need of repair so I began taking the next steps to move, remodel, settle in.  After 3 months of no internet service, kitchen and bath redos,  "The Planet" was back on line in the middle of June.  After that brief downtime, we were back stronger than ever now with over 7000 page views a day. produces the Savings Book.  For $20 you can save over $2000 at area business and support your local merchants.


Nightmare in the Country made itís maiden voyage in October 2009 utilizing 5 acres west of Woodward,

and got itís first scream when the barn door was opened to local radio DJís and newspaper

staff on October 7th 2009. By closing night now with over 50 volunteers,  over 2300 guests and braved the Haunted Barn,

 ran through Grim Woods, took the ride of their life through the Petrifying Forest, and got a few extra goose bumps in the Cemetery of Chills.

We heard over and over..." Wow! This is in Woodward?"   5 acres, over 30 actors, security, and support staff a show like you typically have to drive miles for.

Watch this year for "Nightmare in the Country The Terror Returns"

With current content updated everyday, we hope to provide you with interesting tidbits, stories, videos and all things Woodward Oklahoma.  
Our goal is to provide you with the best of Woodward.  We appreciate your input and appreciate any stories or content you wish to provide.
It's good to be home.

Kenton D. Baird

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38368 S. County Road #195

Woodward OK, 73801