Oil and Gas Industry

Tri State Oil and Gas Convention

August 9, 2012

Oil and Gas have long been catalysts in the development of the Tri-State area. These industries have played a major role in growth and sustainability of the region. In the past, our local  industry has had to travel to different venues to attend shows that showcase our industry. In October of 2009, a group of oil and gas industry employees were assembled to act as founders for an Oil and Gas Show for the Woodward area. With the arrival of a Convention Center in Woodward to facilitate such an event, the grass roots effort to build such a show would soon become a reality. The name Tri-State Oil and Gas Convention (TSOGC) was adopted as the name for our event. It is the sincere intention of the TSOGC Executive Planning Committee along with direction from Woodward Chamber of Commerce, Woodward Convention and Tourism, and the City of Woodward to make this convention an annual event.


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